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Clean & reliable energy security.

Protect your home during emergency blackout situations with the world's finest solar generator system. Your home solar plan is incomplete without it.


3 - 100 Watt Panels

4 - 100 amp Limo 4 batteries

3000 watts RUNNING power

6000 watts PEAK pure sine wave inverter

60 amp Charge Controller

4 Outlets

Enough to keep such things as your refrigerator, tv, few lights, wifi running during a power outage.



Includes tax and shipping

What is a solar generator?

A solar generator uses solar panels to capture renewable energy from the sun and store it as electricity in a portable power station. Solar generators provide a reliable green energy solution whether you’re on the go, off-the-grid or need emergency power during a blackout.

Power Pole Repair

Did you know the US experiences
over 4,000 blackouts annually?

Whole Home Gas Generators

More power than ever before!

These generators can work independently or lend assistance to your fuel saving solar generator setup during extended inclement weather! You pick when and how much your whole home needs power to get peace of mind.


PowerProtect™ 20kW Standby Generator

Providing exact power on both natural gas and liquid propane than any other generator in its class, our 20kW1 generator packs the punch necessary to power large homes with demanding power needs.

Starting at MSRP $5,767.00


PowerProtect™ 26kW Standby Generator

More power than ever before. The 26kW1 is the generator for your whole home needs. This first of its kind generator is powered with a commercial-grade Vanguard® engine for reliable, clean power. Designed to keep home & family running during a power outage.

Starting at MSRP $6,573.00

Why do you need a solar generator?

Solar generators provide power and peace of mind when you need it the most, so you & the ones you love can make it through any emergency situation.

“We own a solar installation company & our customers love the BOX generators.”

SunGo: Energy, FL

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Technology

Our generators are equipped with the highest quality pure sine wave inverters. These inverters transform direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) which can then be used to deliver high-quality electrical current (similar to utility standards - voltage: 120V - frequency: 50/60hz) to all sorts of home appliances & electronic devices. Other generators can permanently damage your computers, phones & home appliances.

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Take your home solar plan to the next level. Without a generator your home will still be without power during power outages.

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Gas Generators Versus Solar Generators

Gas generators are noisy, high maintenance, leaky, expensive, inconvenient, emit harmful carbon monoxide gas, smoke often & occasionally start fires. Solar generators are environmentally friendly, silent, free to run, maintenance free, do not leak & can run 24/7!

Our Team

We are a family owned & operated small business operating primarily out of Birmingham, Alabama. Our mission is to bring high quality, solar powered energy & peace of mind to every home in America. Our generators are built in America & the well being of our precious planet is at the forefront of the entire manufacturing process.



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1180 Rosecrans Street

Suite 104-500

San Diego, CA 92106

(205) 784-9775

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Solar Partner Highlight

This month we would like to highlight SunGo: Energy & Water Company! SunGo is our FAVORITE solar company operating in the Orlando, FL area. SunGo is not just a solar company. They offer expert clean water solutions too. If you're looking for solar or water solutions in Florida then the SunGo team is the team to call!

CALL: 407.459.0492


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